Paging file

The paging file (Pagefile.sys) - this is the file that is stored on your computer hard disk to the root directory. This file is hidden and used by the operating system.
The swap file is to ensure that in it were the data in memory when the memory of RAM is not enough. The movement of data in the paging file and from it frees enough memory to perform operation. The swap file and memory together form of virtual memory.
Operating system independently sets the size of the swap file by default. He usually little more than a set amount of RAM. And that's the maximum size is always greater than the volume of operative memory of the computer approximately three times.
But the size of the paging file can be set manually. For this purpose on the tag of the <My computer> press the right mouse button and select <Properties>. Click <More>, <Speed> click <Parameters> (Fig.1).


In the window that will open, select the <Advanced> and <Virtual memory> and click <Change> (Fig.2).


To change the paging file size, select the <a Particular size>, enter in the field you want the paging file and press <Edit> (Fig.3).


Place the paging file on the disk, where the system is installed. After the change of the parameters of a swap file of the computer you need to reboot for the new settings to take effect.
But in order to increase the performance of your computer you should not increase the paging file, and the better to increase the RAM. But if there is no possibility to increase the memory, then when properly configured, a swap file, you can get an increase in productivity.

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