Installing games on the computer

Before installing the game you need to read the system requirements, whether it is appropriate for the installation on your computer or not.
Insert the game disc in the DVD drive. Begin reading data from the disk, and after a few seconds the boot autostart games (Fig.1). In the autorun, click «Install» or «Install» (in each game in different ways). If you downloaded the game on the Internet, then open the folder with the game, find in it the installation file with extension exe (setup.exe or install.exe) and run it. On the screen appear a startup program.


Open the «setup Wizard game», press «Next» (figure 2)


A window will open «License agreement». In it, select «I accept the agreement» and click «Next» (figure 3).


This opens a window «Selecting the installation folder», by default, any game is set to the system's local drive (Fig.4). But to the system's local disk C is not recommended to install the game as a game can interfere with program files and with time, your computer becomes slower or hang.
You will need to manually specify the path to install the game. It is recommended to install the game to other local drives, which are not installed with the operating system, such as drive D, E, etc.
To select a different directory (CD) to install the game press the button «Review» (Fig.4)


Open the window «Browse for folder». In it, select the drive and if you want the folder to which you want to install the game. Press «OK» (figure 5)


Now the way to install the game has changed:


with    «C:\Program Files\folder with the name of the game»
on the «D:\папка with the name of the game»                      (Fig.6).


If you select the disk to install the game you chose another and a certain folder, for example folder Games, then your way to install the game may look like this: «D:\Games\папка with the name of the game».


Attention, please! The game should always be installed in the folder with a name similar to the name of the game (in this folder will be saved all the files of your game) . If you install the game just the D drive without creating a folder with the name of the game («D:\ is not specified folder with the name of the game»), the files of your game will be scattered across the disk, on which the rest of your personal folders and files and unknowingly you can delete one or another folder of your game, which in turn will lead to her disability.
After the installation path of the game is selected click the «Next»button.
In the next window, place a check mark in front of the «Create a shortcut on the desktop», click «Next» (figure 7)


Now you have a window in which it will be specified, that everything is ready for installation. Press the «Install» button (Fig 8)


After that will begin the process of installing the game on your computer (see figure 9). You need to wait for the process to end the installation.


At the end of the installation process, see the window where you should click «Finish» (Fig.10) or «Finish». You can put a tick opposite the «Start Game», then when the installation completes, the game will automatically start on your computer.


After installing the game on your desktop appear shortcut to your game (Fig.11). Double-click on it with the mouse and the game starts.


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