How to make a screenshot of

Many of us have faced with the necessity to make the picture of what is happening on the screen of the monitor, you have to get the picture of the monitor.
The screen shot, then there is an image of what you see on the screen is called a screenshot.
For creation of screenshots you can use special programs, which have a great potential, but you can make a screenshot and use the built-in Windows tools.
The keyboard has a special key - the «Print Screen» (it can also be called the «PrtScr») (figure 1).


Clicking on this button the computer records in its memory (clipboard) photographed the screen of your monitor. When you press one of the button «Print Screen»(PrtScr) the computer will be photographed the entire screen of the monitor (figure 2)


When pressing a combination of buttons in the Print Screen (PrtScr)+ Alt (Fig.1) will make a screenshot of only the currently active window (figure 3).


To remove from the computer memory (clipboard) made the image, you need to use a graphics editor Paint or office application such as Word, Power Point.
In order to open the graphic editor Paint, click «Start», select «All programs - Accessories - Paint» (Fig.4)



After the opening of the graphic editor, select the «Edit» menu and select «Paste» (Fig.5)


To save the screenshot to a file, select the File menu, and then select «Save target as...»

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