How to find the MAC address of the computer

IP address is the unique address of your computer, which he has in a specific global or a local network.

The MAC address is the identifier of the network card in your computer. This address physically defines a specific personal computer regardless of how is your system connected to a local area network or has a direct connection to the global network.

With the help of IP and MAC addresses we exchange data in computer networks. To be able to run a remote request to turn on the computer through Internet (Wake-On-LAN), you need to have information about the IP address of the PC and the MAC address of its network card, through which the connection to the Internet. Well as the knowledge of the IP address allows you to find out the name of the provider and get about it quite detailed information.

The MAC address can be used to restrict access to various network resources, for example, the global network Internet.

Find out the MAC and IP address, you can use the command line. For this purpose in the menu <start> select the <All programs>then go on line <Standard> and in this window, select the item, under the name of <Command line>. In the command line, you write: «ipconfig/all» (Fig.1).



Here you will find detailed information about network settings of your computer.
In the line of <a physical address> is the data MAC address of the computer on line <IP-address> will reflect the IP address of your computer (figure 2).


Learn your MAC and IP address, you can use the Properties of network connections Windows. To do this, press< start> select the <control Panel>, then select <Network and Internet connections> (Fig.3).


Then select <Network connections> (Fig.4).



The mouse scroll to the <local area Connection> and on the left pane click <View the status of the connection> (Fig.5).


A window will appear <Status of the local area Connection of the network>. Go to the tab <Support> and click <Details> (Fig.5).
A window will appear <Details of the network connection> (Fig.6). Here the Physical address matches the MAC address and IP address is Your IP address.


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