Create icons for Windows

First you need to select a picture from which we will make the icon. Images may be in PNG format on a transparent background, and in the JPEG format.
First, we separate the desired image from the basic background using Fluid.Mask plugin.
Then, create an icon with the Icofx_1.6.4 program. Download the program Icofx_1.6.4, install on your computer. Run the program.

Select "File" then "Import Image". Choose the right image, we click the "Open":

You will see a window "Create an image". Select the desired image size and then click "OK".

In the "Advanced Import" window that appears, click "OK".

Wishes You can add various effects to the picture that are on the menu bar, and click on the "Save" icon in the menu bar and save the icon to any folder on your PC.

Your icon is ready. Now you can change the desktop desired label on its icon.


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