Configuration of connection to the Internet

To the Internet, you can connect or at a special communication channel (this is called a leased line), or on the telephone line - plain old telephone (ADSL) or a special digital (ISDN). Also today, there are many different коннектов and 3G - modems, which receive signal via satellite.
In order to connect to the Internet, your computer must have a network card. If you have multiple computers, then you need to put a second network card.
Click on the «start»button, select «control Panel», then select section «Network and Internet connections» (figure 1)


In the window that opens, select the section «Network connections» (figure 2)


In the new window on the left panel, click «Create a new connection» (figure 3)


A new window will appear «new connection Wizard», click «Next» (figure 4)



Select the connection type to Connect to the Internet», press «Next» (figure 5)



Next, select «Set up my connection manually»and press «Next» (figure 6).


Then select how you will connect to the Internet. If you have a 3G modem, select the connection Through the usual modem» (Fig.7). To connect to the Internet at high speed select connection Via a high-speed connection, the requesting user name and password» and press «Next».



In the next window in the empty field, enter the name of your Internet service provider (ISP), such as: Intertelekom, ADSL, etc. (Fig.8)



Then enter the phone number (9), user name and password for your administrator account (figure 10). These data will provide you with your Internet service provider (your ISP).




In the window «Completion of the work of the new connection wizard» check all «add a shortcut to the connection on my desktop» and press «Finish» button (figure 11).


If you re-enter the section «Network connections», you will see the «Remote access» once again you have created the connection (see figure 12).


To connect to the Internet, click on the corresponding icon on the desktop. In the appeared window press the button «Connect» (Fig.13)


Tick «Save username and password». This will allow you to not enter every time the name and password when connecting.


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