Cleaning hard drive

To contact Your PC running fast and the disks are not filled with unnecessary information is necessary for its periodic maintenance.
A service include the following:
1. Disc cleaning of temporary files.

2. A disk Defrag.

3. Check disks for errors.

4. Cleaning the Windows registry from unwanted entries.

5. Defragmentation of the Windows registry (registry Compression).

From the above listed means, in the Windows operating system are present only means of verifying disk and Defrag. These funds are the most effective and complete, but they are the most secure.
During the work of the operating system and programs creates a lot of temporary files, which after a reboot or closing programs already do not need either the operating system or programs, or user.
To clean the garbage open the <My computer>right-click on the disk you want to clear. In the drop-down list, select <Properties> (Fig.1).


In the window that opens, click on the <disk> (Fig.2).


The program will assess the amount of space you can free up disk (Fig.3).


In the window that opens, check everywhere birds, except the <Compress old files> and click <OK> (Fig.4), then confirm the action in the window that appears, click <Yes>.


Now about compressing old files.
If You have a problem with the free space on the drive you can put the bird compress old files, this operation will take a lot of time and to the same file compression may slightly slow down the performance of your computer. Sometimes by selecting the «compress drive to save space» when you clean the system disk leads to disruption of the work of the operating system. So if you need to free up space on the system drive by compression, it is better to choose and compress the folder separately, not touching the Windows folder.
How to do this? Select the folder you want to compress, click on it with the right button and in the drop-down list select «Properties».
In the window that opens, click on the inscription <Other>, in the newly opened window, put a tick opposite the inscription <Squeeze in order to save space> and click <OK>to the <Confirm attribute changes> they usually leave the default of <To this folder and all subfolders>.
All of the folder will be compressed and the color of the font in the folder name will change, it will be blue.
You must also open the Temp folder in the Windows folder and manually delete all the files that it contains.
Sometimes removing some of the files is blocked. This means that they are used by the system or the program and they can be removed later.


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