Archiving files

Archivers - this is a program that allow you to reduce the size of the file to save space on a disk or forwarded by e-mail. With the help of archival we can reduce the size of the file or folder in several times without losing text and quality. Know that archiving photos or videos of their size practically will not change!
Now archiving files use it to transfer files on the Internet, because the folders on the Internet cannot be passed. Archive - it is, in fact, file, and then with the help of the archive can be transmitted to a group of files. If you need to e-mail send a lot of files, such as photos, you will have to attach each file to the message separately. It's very inconvenient and takes time. Therefore, easier to archive these photos in one archive, attach to the letter and send. It is because of the convenience, archived files and folders are very common on the Internet.
Compress can be as one, and a few files in a compressed form are placed in the so-called backup or archive. The archive file is a set of files and directories that are placed in one file.
Some archivers know how to pack and unpack files not only in their own archives, but also in the archives of the other format. For example, WinRAR, other than its own, can work with ZIP archives, the most widespread in the world format. And if you have and other popular archivers, WinRAR will be able to use them to work with other archives.
The program, which carry out the packaging and unpacking of files, called programs-archivers. Program for archiving of different methods used compression, respectively, that affect the degree of compression. In the work with the archives of the main operations are:
1. backup (packaging) - building of the source files in an archive file in a compressed or uncompressed;
2. разархивация (unpacking) - the process of restoring files from a backup of just-in this form, what they had before download in the archive. When you unpack the files are extracted from the archive and posted on the disk.
In order to archive a folder with the file (or a file), click on the right mouse button the context menu (figure 1) and select «Add to archive».


A new window will appear «Name and parameters of the archive, in which you can assign the name of the archive and choose a location to store the backup. By clicking on the «Browse»button, select the directory to which you want to save the archive. To start archiving press button «OK» (figure 2).


The process of archiving (Fig.3)


At the end of the process of archiving you specified in the directory appear file has a stack of books (Fig.4)


In order to unzip the archive file, click on it the right button of a mouse and select «Extract files» (Fig.5).


 Then a new window will appear, in which you should specify the path to extract the files and press the «OK» button (Fig.6).


The process of unzipping (Fig.7)



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