Access to the network

A way to connect to the Internet via a modem - a device that converts computer data into a sound signal, which is transmitted over the telephone lines, today is out of date. A new way of connecting to the Internet is broadband access: connection to the Internet with the help of a special modem, which provides the connection speed in ten times higher. It allows you to download videos, listen to Internet radio and even look through the Internet TV. Basically there are two types of broadband access is through special modems connected to the cable TV network or to the asymmetric digital subscriber line (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, ADSL). The cable is available only with a cable television, if the cable company provides such a service. And when the ADSL-access uses the existing telephone line, but it does not interfere with talking on the phone. In Russia and Ukraine, the most circulated the last option. As soon as the computer is connected to the Network, there is no need for additional dialing into an ISP, You can round the clock listen to Internet radio, work with e-mail, download movies, etc.
To browse web pages, you need a program-browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera. It is only enter the Internet address (URL, Unique Resource Locator - uniform resource locator), as on your computer will automatically load the texts, images and other components of a web page. In many browsers have built-in viewer e-mail, download files, and settings of security tools to filter out unwanted web sites and blocking Intrusive pop-up advertising blocks.
To view a web page, you need to enter in the Internet-browser her address (Fig.1). If the address is unknown or are you looking for specific information, you will help the search engine such as Google (, Yandex ( which will show all of the pages that meet the search criteria.

Fig. 1


The speed with which your computer can load data from the Internet, is purchased by the megabit (MB) per second and with broadband vary from the values below 1 MB/s to 8 MB/s and more. Service providers offer a number of options (packages) to choose from, some of which impose limitations on the volume of data downloaded on a monthly basis. If you intend to download a lot of music or video files, you run the risk of outspend limit, so that it is better to calculate their needs in traffic (the amount of data per unit time) or select the unlimited traffic, but it is more expensive.
The Internet consists of millions of computers all over the planet, connected among themselves. He belongs to no one, they will not centrally managed. Censorship in it almost impossible, and part of the content of web pages) is harmful for children. To block children's access to such sites in the anti-virus programs provides for the possibility of parental control, which blocks the listed sites. However, at observance of certain rules of the Internet almost not a threat, and benefit from it much.


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